Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Are You a Valentine PDA'er?

Being that tomorrow is the day of LOVE, I thought I would share some thoughts.
PDA or Public Display of Affection
In the 80's, before the whole social media craze the definition was as follows:
A means to show someone you care about them through a touch, hug, squeeze, poke, jostle, shove, grope, or kiss.
 (Ok, that was my definition.  But I'm pretty close)
Now there is an additional form of PDA:  Privately, publically tapping away on the computer.

Anyone that knows me, knows that I am not a public PDA'er kinda gal.
The closest I get to PDA in public is holding hands with the hubbs, briefly.

I am more of a closed door butt patter.  
I like patting, rubbing, or squeezing the butts of those I love.
I don't, as they say, "Raise my hand," to my children.
But if I'm lucky enough to catch them off guard, ohhh...
I'll raise my hand down south where the sun don't shine and give a good love squeeze!
Nobody tell the hubbs about this photo.  I'll be in sooo much trouble!

I will probably offend some out there, but Facebook PDA makes me...
 kind of throw up a little in my mouth. 
And say things like, 
"Dear God, not again!"

I'll be honest, when I see it my eye's involuntary just start rolling back in my head...
my finger involuntary starts scrolling down the page.

Because it's Valentines Day, I'm about to break every rule about public PDA I have made with myself.
I am going to throw up a little over myself. to GUSH over my family!
Here goes...

My heart thumps with pride over the hubbs restaurant manners.
How he makes everyone around him feel so comfortable, fuzzy feeling, and safe. one was hurt by this savage.

My heart beats out ot my chest with love when I watch my family playing friendly, non-competitive games of any kind.
...the Ace trumps your card I tell you!

I get giddy with joy when I see my children showering their cousin with affection to show her just how special she is!
remember we love you... hold still... this won't hurt at all! 

And I am beside myself with joy how my children have the best intentions towards one another.  
They are willing to help each other up when needed.  With a loving, caring, gleaming smile!

Ok, enough GUSHING!

I know, I know...
you are
  I can't believe how she just raves and goes on and on about her sweet family.
I'm not blushing

 I will stop here.
I need to upload this to Facebook.

While I do that,
I'll let you take in the beauty...of our idea of PDA.
It's time to take a picture, nobody move.!

~ Hugs ~
or maybe not


  1. Gorgeous family!
    I'm a PDA'er in private only. Thankfully my husband is the same. And as far as all that lovey dovey Faceback wall message stuff that some couples send each other... BLECH! Whenever we see one, my husband and I look at each other and make barfing sounds. Clearly, we are very romantic in my house :)
    Bonjour from a transplanted Texan!

  2. Thank you Sara for the compliment, they have their moments. I like to poke fun, I hope no one was offended. Thank you for your comment and I am super jealous of where you are living! We went to Paris for the first time this last Thanksgiving. I can't wait to get back and see more!

  3. Well since I teach high school I see my fair share of a school we highly discourage it..I am not against holding hands....I think PDA is ok as long as appropriate...and that has to be taught...I will never forget a coworker and I one night after work sitting in Applebees and seeing two adults with some really stomach turning PDA...nothing wrong with expressing your love or affection..just as long as it is appropriate and sweet...of course not everyone idea of appropriate is the same. ://


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