Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Discover Your Inner Southern Belle!

I discovered a darlin' blog yesterday called, The Sunshine Diary.  This 'lil cute thang has the biggest most infectious smile ever!  She is a 20 something New Yorker who recently moved to Florida.  She says that now she can finally be the Southern Belle she was meant to be. Being from the South myself, this got me to thinking...What makes one a Southern Belle?
My bro invited his 'lil high school sis up for his West Texas State Univ. fraternity party. What were my parents thinking! Boys, boys, and more boys! Diggin' those '80's eye glasses, poofy hair, and  pearls!

Here goes, this is what I have learned and experienced, being from the south myself.

Southern Belle (derived from the French word belle-meaning beautiful) is an archetype for a young woman of the American Old South's upper class.  The "Southern Belle" epitomized Southern Hospitality, a cultivation of beauty, and a flirtatious yet chaste demeanor.

Southern women appreciate their natural assets:  Clean skin.  A winning smile.  That unforgettable Southern drawl.

Two things I know for Sure!  Manner's are important to a Southern Belle:  
1. You never address your parents or elders without, "Yes, ma'am"or "Yes, sir," 
2.  Always eat with delicate fingers. It is polite to keep one's utensils next to one's plate or gently resting on the edge.

Expressions you will hear from a Southern Belle:
"Y'all come back now, ya hear."
MY mother's favorite:  "Well, bless your heart!"
EVERY mother in the neighborhood will ask:  "How's your Mamma?"
This 'lil sweet Southern mama actually made her darlin' daughter remove a word she didn't deem "Appropriate" from her blog.  Dag-nabit, can't get anything by these Southern mama's!

Southern Belles Can't live without the following:
Colorful strapless dresses
A tan
(Back in my day, I've known some girls that would bring out the Crisco to get their tan on).
The beach
The lake
Sweet Tea
Make-up ~ especially mascara and lipstick!
Nobody can hold a candle to this little Southern Belle!  Ootsie knows how to wurk it!

From Urban Dictionary
The 10 Commandments for Southern Belles

1. Never cuss in front of your Mamma or mammy.
    (or semi-cuss in your blog or give your daddy the finger)
2.  Your daddy (and Rhett Butler) is always the perfect man.
                ~that's perfect man #2 in the background~
                  Can I get an "Amen" on that Southern '80's hair and big bow on the those hiney's!

3.  Never wear white after Labor Day or before Easter (I think that one changed!)

4.  Never try to pass faux pearls for real ones at any special event.  
    I broke that rule already, as seen in the above photo with my bro.  But, really ladies, who cares.

5.  Always say yes mama and yes sir.  No matter who you are talking to.

6.  Never go out without "putting your face on" because you never know who you will see.
     This is so ingrained in me, that I can't even go to the gym without my face on!  

7.  Never pretend to be drunker than you really are.
     I have no idea what they are talking about????

8.  Never smoke at a country club, on the street, or anywhere besides your house or at a very close     
     friend's house.  One should never smoke, regardless.

9.  Never forgive yankees.  (just remember you could be Scarlet O Hara if they had not have won the
     war.)  I disagree, a real lady has a forgiving heart!    

10.  Never accept the defeat by the enemy.

I'm not so sure about some of those rules, but I do know it is a lot of fun being a girl from the South.
Because we have that "Inner Southern Belle Mojo" to be...girly, glamtastic, and very, very glitzy!
Just ask these Southern Belles...

Yea, we're talkin' to you sista!


  1. Ahhh yay! I love love this post! Thank you SO much for your sweet words about my little blog :-) I loved reading about true Southern belles, and was happy to see I follow most of the rules!

  2. Thank you Robin for taking a peak at mine! I love your blog. You are such a fun person!


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