Thursday, February 7, 2013

Gonna Get Our Craft on for V-Day!


making crafts with my 'Lil Peanut.
She'll craft just about anything!
 She'll craft cute 'lil penguin treats.
 She'll get her cousins to craft with her.
She'll craft her lips.
She'll even craft a car! 
This craft took place when the Saints were playing in the Super Bowl.  
These two crazy fans stenciled the fleur-de-lis on the vehicles of their opposition.
~No car was harmed during the making of this craft~

As shown in the above photograph,
Your NEVER too old for crafting.
Especially, when it involves creating something fun with your family or friends.

 Saturday my munchkin is having her friends over for some food, fun, and crafting.
We found some cuteicle crafts on Pinterest

This is from
Since my kiddos don't hand out Valentines at school anymore,
I think this is a sweet, friendly idea to give to grandparents and neighbors.
Peanut can pull out her sharpies too...she can go to town decorating her photographs!

Such a hoot!  My boy would probably have it going through his neck, argh!

Baking is crafty too!

They will need some yummy eats to go along with all their hard work!

 I think we will hang our salt dough hearts from our chandie like this.

Those are some of our Valentine craft ideas found on Pinterest for her Saturdayfunday,
What are some of yours?


  1. Tory is really talented and so creative! I love her penguins.


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