Sunday, February 10, 2013

I Feel Better Now...

I can be...well...a little off-my-rocker OCD  when it comes to organization.
Or cleaning my windows (which will be a post of its own).
Or cleaning my floors.
Or keeping my drawers organized (don't you move those scissors marked kitchen).

This is an example of how being unorganized makes me feel.
A little frazzled!
A bit on edge!

Just ask my children, my niece, or the hubbs.
They have all lived with me...and have survived my frizzled, frazzles.
At this point anyway. 
"Oh really!"  Says, knuckle-head #1.

Which brings me to this post.
These two drawers have been driving me cuckoo for cocoa puffs!

Ok, hold the laughter...
I know I'm being, "Over dramatic, over the top, over this post!"
please stay and hear me out
To the normal person's eye these drawers look organized.
Everything has a place.
I just noticed the drip of red wine on the right corner of my cabinet...nice!
But to my rabidly obsessive eye, these drawers frustrate me and could use some work.

First: I don't like how the knives sit two to a drawer and clank together, which can make the edges dull.
Second: I want my sharp knives to be 'grouped' together.
And to top it off, these two drawers are at opposite sides of the stove.
When I need the steak knives I move to the right, when I need a chopping knife, I move to the left...
Well, you get the picture.
 I'm moving a lot.

I saw this handy, dandy knife holder at
Or you can find it at and they offer FREE SHIPPING!
Can't beat that deal. 
Perfect!  Problem solved!  Singing Praises!
"This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine...let it shine...let it shine...let it shine!"
This first class invention is called the Bamboo Knife Dock.
It can hold just about any size of knife.
 And uses flexible cork dividers to separate and hold the knives in place.
Therefore, no clanking and edges protected!
If all that didn't make you, "Get up out of your seat and dance," then this will...
It is designed to fit standard kitchen drawers.

Knives in a drawer and tucked out of sight...
That looks super slick!

Now....take a gander at this beauty!

 Sharp knives




  1. Oh I get so frazzled when things aren't completely organized as well.

    I do love the Container store, but it really can get pretty pricey!!

  2. Yay, I'm not alone! Yes, the Container store can be pricey. I bought the bullet on this one, I was so frustrated! I am weird, I actually feel happy when I open my drawer now ;)


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