Friday, February 15, 2013

Total Eclipse of the Heart!

Some things I am eclipsing over.

The blog  
I love this girls style and her travels are to D.I.E. for!
I am taking style inspiration from her for my summer wardrobe.  It needs some upgrading!

These totally, terrific turquoise Nike's
via Pinterest
I would look so darn cute running errands in these!

This garden!
I've got the itch for gardening and it needs scratchin'.
I am in love with everything about this garden, especially the fencing.
My garden has chicken wire with metal posts, very... Greeeenacres is the place to be, farrrm livin' is the life for me.
Sorry, couldn't help myself.  Who remembers coming home from school watching that fun t.v. show?

My laundry/art room layout is very similar to this one.  
The organization,  bright colors, checkered floor...I mean really...what else is there to say!
Such a fun room.  Lil Peanut and I could get our creative juices flowing in here easy breezy.

This sofa for my bedroom.
Very French Country chic!
I can see myself lounging with a soft blanket, lots of fluffy pillows, sipping tea, and reading all my favorite blogs.

This drink
Strawberry beer lemonade...need I say more!
You get your antioxidants from the strawberries and ahhhh....Yea your antioxidants.

And these Abs!!
The hubbs would be so happy.
A girl can dream...


  1. Strawberry Beer Lemonade?! WHAT?! I need to check that out like right now :)

  2. I know Sara, doesn't it look yummy! We had lemonade, vodka beer in Germany that was really good too.


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