Wednesday, February 27, 2013

It's a Pink, Pink Kinda Day!

Sophia Grace is in the house!

This precious girl said it all!  
What are you thinking?
What is your nature?
What do you love?
And do those around you accept you for who you are?

 This is another outspoken, fun, little Pink lady that says it as she sees it.
No holds barred. This is me. Accept me for who I am... 
And I came across this magazine, Redbook.

 Well, seeing Pink on the cover made me take a back step, a pirouette, then a little curtsy!
I love a little Pink, just like Sophia Grace likes the color.

Redbook interview.
Question about her daughter, Willow.

Behviors that are different than our own.
It could be your best friend, mother, daughter, son, brother, father, husband, the list goes on.

Do we take their personality and let it reflect upon ourselves?  Or do we just let the person, BE.

If we take their behavior personal, doesn't it become less about who they are and more about who we are?  It becomes about our own insecurites and assumptions. What case are we making for ourselves that make us feel our way is right and their way is wrong.

Accept the truth of who they are.  Free yourself of how you think they should behave.  Curb your judgements about them or their situations.  Allow those you love the space to express themselves the way that is natural to them, without judgement.

The less we take personally, the more we can embrace and enjoy the ones we love.
In that process we gain:

I really took in what Pink said, "I'm not going to take any of her fierceness personally."

This article spoke volumes to me today.  
I am quilty of taking a person I love behaviors too personal as well. I will let them BE. 

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