Friday, February 21, 2014

Dummie's Guide to Blog Post Titles...

Is it weird in here, or is it just me?
-Steven Wright

Oh boy, oh boy...I just thought I was oh, so very popular in the blogging world.  Even with my brief hiatus of, "Finding my blogging voice." I kept getting numerous hits and my numbers were oh, so wonderfully high.

Allow me to give you a little back story...we bloggers like to check our stat reports on our blog traffic from time to time.  How many hits did I get today, week, month?  It's a fun game (let's be real it's good for the ego). Also, you can see where your hits are coming from.  And you can even go to sites like  and plug in your blog name and view what your 'blog worth' is at the moment.  Yea, it's true.  And I have no idea what that actually means and how to even utilize informatin like that.

As I was going through finding my blog voice crisis, I kept getting all these anonymous hits and my somewhat high traffic numbers just didn't make sense to me.  I was like what the?  Golly gee you really, really like me (my Sally Field Oscar moment)! Gosh, I feel so important, face blushing, hands in pockets, foot kicking up sand.  

The funny thing is, most of the time the hits are on this one particular post of mine. Hmmm...head scratcher.  I can be a bit naive and slow to react at times.  This seems odd, maybe I should look in to this. Why is this one blog post title, My Favorite App...AllWomenStalk, getting so many hits and where are they coming from?

Well, I'll just check and on these sites that are just so supportive of me! Oh.My.Goodness. Who is this lady?  Oh, golly gee, hello in the?...hello things I really!  Grab yo sunglasses 'cuz the sun is shinin' and it ain't in the sky.  Get my drift...   

If it's a penny for your thoughts and you put in your two cents worth, then someone, somewhere is making a penny.
-Steven Wright


  1. LOL I have made the mistake of clicking on the visitors a time or two...almost gave my computer a virus!

    1. Oh, I haven't thought of a that, a virus. I'll keep that in mind. Actually, this happening was too funny. I got a good chuckle.

  2. Haha!!! Well that just proves that you're great with blog titles (me, on the other hand...ahhh they're so hard!)

    1. I know right! I guess the porn industry really likes those words. Argh! Thanks for checking in Ashley!

  3. VampireStat sends a lot of fake spam traffic to bloggers to get hits to their own site! Try Alexa or check your blog analytics with Google.

  4. Thank you for the tip! I had no idea. Thanks for stopping by.

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